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BigPic_CapitolIn 1988, the Texas Association of Property Tax Professionals (TAPTP) was formed to unite professionals involved in all aspects of property tax management within the state of Texas. TAPTP has established itself as the clear voice of unified property tax professionals and has prevailed in multiple legislative and licensing issues.

The mission of the Texas Association of Property Tax Professionals is to protect the rights of property taxpayers by advancing the professional practice of property tax consulting through education and high ethical standards. The Association brings together members who work in similar capacities within the field of property taxation. The benefit of the Association is that it allows participants to foster a greater degree of professionalism and to work toward specific goals agreed upon by individual members. Efforts of TAPTP serve to complement the profession of property tax management and assist in creating better understanding and cooperation among members, state agencies and the taxpayers of Texas. The objectives of TAPTP include:

To promote and support a property tax system in the State of Texas that will preserve, protect, and defend the rights of taxpayers.

To elevate the practice of property tax consulting through education, professionalism, the promotion of high standards of competence and efficiency and to establish strict standards of ethical and professional conduct.

To support constructive changes in the property tax system in order to make it more efficient and responsive to taxpayer’s needs.

An elected Board of Directors implements policy guided by the membership through written Bylaws. The Association has an established organizational structure through its standing committees and headquarters’ operation that provides its members the information to keep abreast of the fast changing property tax environment.

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