City’s appraisal lawsuit misses the mark by Joseph M. Harrison IV

In the Austin Challenge, City’s Actions Speak Louder than its Words (Austin Business Journal)

By:  Joseph M. Harrison IV with Harrison Michel & Gray, LLP

Austin Mayor Steve Adler’s September 15 “TribTalk” piece is entitled “Appraisal lawsuit about fairness, not revenue.” But while his sound bites claim that the City sued to help homeowners, the lawsuit seeks removal of a cornerstone of the landmark 1997 “Taxpayer Bill of Rights” enacted to protect the constitutional rights of all Texans, homeowners included.

The Mayor claims his lawsuit seeks to ensure that comparable properties are valued consistently. Texas law already guarantees that. The City’s lawsuit would remove the ability of taxpayers, especially homeowners, to seek relief when the appraisal district errs and values their property inconsistently. Read Full Article Here!