Are You Invested?

Texas Association of Property Tax Professionals provides and supports two avenues to influence and protect the rights of property taxpayers and the property tax professional in Texas.

Government Relations Fund

Contribute here to the Government Relations Fund

The Government Relations Fund supports fees associated with lobbyists who represent the association’s best interest in legislative matters. Payments to the Government Relations Fund are not deductible as a charitable contribution and are not deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense because the funds will be used for lobbying.



Contribute here to TAPTP PAC

The Texas Association of Property Tax Professionals Political Action Committee (TAPTP PAC) is a voluntary, nonprofit, unincorporated group whose membership consists of property tax professionals and concerned taxpayers interested in protecting the rights of property taxpayers and the property tax consulting industry in Texas.

The voluntary investments TAPTP PAC receives are used to support legislators who understand the Texas property tax system and the importance of the property tax consulting industry.

An investment in TAPTP PAC is an investment in your business. It will cost you not to participate!

The PAC is sponsored by the Texas Association of Property Tax Professionals. TAPTP provides the professional staff and office facilities required to maintain the PAC. The TAPTP Board of Directors is responsible for all operations and financial disbursements. Input from any interested TAPTP members is forwarded to the Governmental Affairs Committee who makes recommendations to the TAPTP Board of Directors. The Board of Directors then approves the distribution of funds.

TAPTP PAC membership contributions are open to any individual who wishes to invest financially. Please note: In accordance with Texas Ethics Commission rules payments cannot be accepted from a Corporation. The only payments acceptable are from an Individual, LLP, LLC or Partnership (as long as no Corporate Partners).