Governor Abbott and the Texas Legislature are on the verge of providing historic property tax relief to Texans across this state. While there is an ongoing discussion about which mechanism to use to provide that relief, let there be no doubt that both proposals under consideration would provide significant, lasting relief to property owners.

It has come to our attention that our website, which is regularly used to provide information and news to our membership, has been linked in text messages sent out to constituents of various members of the Texas House of Representatives regarding an endorsement of one of the proposals being considered.

We do not stand behind those text messages or the message being delivered in them. We appreciate the House of Representatives, the Texas Senate and the members of both chambers for their work to address property taxes throughout the session and in the first called special session.

Throughout the legislative session TAPTP made it clear that tax rate compression is key to any proposal to provide property tax relief. We maintain that belief and stand behind our position of support for both proposals being considered.

-Ray Head, Chair, Government Relations Committee